SHOT Show: Accuracy International AX338. Lapua Uber Alles

Thanks to some stunning successes in theater, the sniper community is deeply smitten with the Lapua Magnum cartridge. Top drawer rifles that can fire the round with maximum accuracy are finding buyers like a Lapua bullet heading for a target 1000 yards away. So it’s no surprise that a company called Accuracy International is building a new $7k rifle for this burgeoning if somewhat rarified market. The AX338’s USP: a ten-round double stack magazine. The rabbi made a beeline to the AI stand and signed on the dotted line. ‘Nuff said?


  1. avatar Mike says:

    AI is more than just “a company”… it’s “the company” in this market. They supply the British army, who are switching from (other AI guns shooting) .308 to the .338 Lapua Magnum, and a bunch of others too, including other NATO countries and even a Russian special-ops unit of some sort. When you read about the impressive results “in theater” of the .338 Lapua Magnum cartridge, it was probably shot from an AI gun.

  2. avatar GunKing1 says:

    $7k. Wow, you could buy 3 ArmaLite AR-30’s chambered in .338 Lapua for that much.

  3. avatar Roy Hill says:

    I wanna go shooting with The Rabbi in the near future.

    I’ll even supply post-firing range homebrew beer, if that’ll sweeten the pot.

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