Shock! Horror! Rhianna Wears a Gun Pendant!

I forget which comedian asked the question, but if Jesus had died in the electric chair, would Christians walk around with little silver chairs around their neck? So, when Rhianna went shopping wearing a gun pendant, what did that mean, really? That the singer and her peeps are so isolated from the real world that they hadn’t heard about the Safeway Massacre? Or was she was making a pro-gun statement in reaction to the spree killing? Highly doubtful. In fact, the only question is why the UK’s Daily Mail chose to hide the root cause of the “problem” with her firearms fashion choice. Wait. The article doesn’t date the shopping trip. The Mail wouldn’t have held off on the story until the Arizona shooting, would they? That would be nas-tay.


  1. avatar JOE MATAFOME says:

    Rhianna’s hot and she can wear what ever she pleases.

  2. avatar KW says:

    It matches her tattoo perfectly.

  3. avatar Keith says:

    I think it was Bill Hicks, could be wrong.

  4. avatar Renee D says:

    I LOVE this pendant! I’d wear it, too 🙂

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