Ruger Has Brass Balls


  1. avatar Zealot says:

    …After the intial production run has been fully tested by the naive early adopters and the design flaws ironed out by a quick product recall. Also, if you wait a year, we’ll release another version of the same gun with even more features you would have preferred in the first place.

    Ruger makes GREAT guns and has really taken the mantle of “Revolutionary” and run with it the last few years. But all those revolutionary products and the way they were launched also made it quite clear that you’re just as likely to regret not waiting a year or so before jumping into the deep end with their new offerings.

  2. avatar Mark says:

    I agree with Ruger. I’m kinda wishing I would have waited a few months. Oh well, guess my SR9c will have to do for now. Ah heck, I’ll have to save up the change to buy the LC9, too!

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