Keep Those Hands in Plain Sight at All Times

This info from the Force Science Institute’s email blast tells us two things. First, if you become a person of interest to the police, keep your hands in plain sight at all times. And second, before you criticize cops for pig-piling on perps, consider this hidden potential danger.

A buddy of mine was shot (luckily he survived) by a suspect who had his hands tucked under his body. It is a scenario many of the more hard-core suspects appear to specifically train for. This suspect (a parolee at large) actually had a homemade holster-like device where he secreted his weapon at chest height to be able to draw and fire with optimum speed.

In my humble opinion this scenario presents one of the biggest challenges to LEO’s, as it would currently be difficult to justify a shooting merely on the suspicion that suspects not willing to give up their hands are preparing to arm themselves and harm the officer or officers. Unfortunately, some of the tactically more savvy suspects know this and count on it when encountering and fighting LEO’s.

Sgt. Albert Schauberger
Los Angeles County SD

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