Incendiary Image of the Day: Transformer I Just Met Her Edition

After reading the New York Times piece about supposedly mounting momentum for a ban on toy guns in Iraq, I came across this image at It’s from their review of the comic book IDW’s Transformers Sector 7 Issue #4. I reckon the image is a direct hit on its readers’ sensibilities. Is that a good thing? youngenoughtobemygrandson24– I mean tigertracks24 thinks so: “The artwork is pretty well done most of the time. It’s crisp and clear, no cluttery details. All lines have their purpose. The humans are able to emote, without looking like they stepped out of Bugs Bunny. The tech, weapons, and armament are nicely, accurately, and again simply detailed. Overall, an enjoyable presentation. I’m a bigger fan of the detailed work done in ‘Tales of the Fallen’, and ‘Nefarious’, if it has to be movie than make sure to put the details in intended in movie designs, but this is good work.”


  1. avatar Ralph says:

    Sergeant Rock could take him with one hand.

  2. That was some instructional post!

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