Chicago Mayoral Candidate Rahm Emanuel Hearts Assault Weapon Bans. Again. Still.

Would that be the same Mr. Emanuel that the Washington Post [via] accused of caving to the gun lobby by the liberal left? Yes it would. “According to the Post, and to the senior law enforcement sources it interviewed, it was then-White House Chief of Staff Rahm Emanuel who killed the idea [of an ATF long gun registry] and for purely political reasons. It was strongly believed that the proposal would agitate the gun lobby, whose philosophy is that anyone should be able to buy any gun in any quantity at any time for any reason. Upsetting the National Rifle Association was not something that Emanuel was eager to do in the run-up to the midterm elections, sources said.”


  1. avatar Ivan Pistov says:

    It appears from where I stand that the anti gunners are putting “pedal to the metal” in an all out attempt to negate any advantages gained in Heller and McDonald. They can bleed the pro gun movement dry with legal costs in just trying to straigten out the mess. If only state and local politicians and judges were honest, pure Americans and were willing to abide by the law and by court decisions, the acrimony could go away.
    But no, they feel it their god given duty to try to oppress us by whatever means possible. They can’t put everybody in jail but I don’t want to be the one example who has to suffer the consequences. In this situation, it may be that bloodletting is necessary.

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