Boomershoot. Is That A Trick Question?

Boomershoot is an annual event during which firearms enthusiasts shoot at things which go boom. It’s the brainchild of the devilishly handsome Microsoft millionaire Joe Huffman, who takes it about as seriously as you’d expect from a successful software maven. Maybe more. Saying that, a caption on one his videos indicates a certain joie de vivre: “Who doesn’t like targets that blow up!” Not even a question mark. So, yesterday, in the bleak mid-winter, Huffman and some of his chums did the dirty on a golf ball, launching the dimpled sphere into low earth orbit. Apparently. How great is that?


  1. avatar Anon says:

    Boomershoot is not “invitation only”; it is, however, quite popular. If there are any spots left over after the staff and previous attendees sign up, you, too, may secure your own firing line position at this webpage – – starting at 1800 PST.

    1. avatar Robert Farago says:

      My bad. Text amended.

  2. avatar Joe Huffman says:

    I do work for Microsoft but I’m not a millionaire by a long shot. Unless you know something the IRS, my wife, and I don’t know…

    Devilishly handsome? Hmm… I wonder if that explains why all the women are throwing themselves at me to get entry into the next Boomershoot…

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