TTAG Ends January with 165,560 Unique Visitors

When I started TTAG last February, I set a goal: 100,000 unique visitors per month by the January 2011 SHOT show. I’m delighted to report that we hit that mark, and then some. After 3,408 posts to date, we ended the month with 165,560 unique visitors (as of 8:37 pm). The last time I celebrated this 100k+ […]

Kel-Tec Fixes KSG Bullpup 12-Gauge Shotgun. Somewhat. reports that Kel-Tec has responded to criticisms leveled at their new KSG bullpup 12-gauge shotgun. Make the jump for the ch-ch-ch-changes to the Shot Show star. Notable by its absence: any alterations to the position and operation of the switch the shooter uses to switch from one tube to the other. No word on […]

Brady Campaign Defends BFF ATF’s Budget, Mutual Agenda

Press release from The Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence: According to a report in today’s Washington Post, the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) could suffer budget cuts of almost 13 percent, which would effectively eliminate Project Gunrunner, a program designed to combat gun-trafficking from the U.S. to Mexico. “Any cuts to the already under-staffed […]

Is Project Gunrunner DOA?

The Washington Post reports that the White House is looking to trim “nearly” $160 million from the ATF’s 2011 $1.25 billion tab. “That’s a 12.8 percent reduction . . . 3.6 percent below the current budget,” the WaPo reports. [Click here for the Department of Justice budget request.] That’s also roughly twice the amount of funding […]

Mayor Bloomberg is Insane

I have no doubt that New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg genuinely believes that gun control is a good thing, not a bad thing. In his mind, less guns equals less tragedy. Statistician and gun rights advocate John Lott would argue (and argue and argue) that the Mayor’s firearms equation indicates that he’s incapable of […]

The Massad Ayoob Chronicles, Part V

If you’re just now joining the party, we strongly recommend that you go back and start at the beginning with Parts I thorough IV. If you enjoyed Part IV, on flying and the Suarez controversy, sit back and get ready for some more thought-provoking ideas from the acknowledged expert on personal defense. Today, we cover […]