A Man, A Plan, A Canal, Panama

This morning, a tornado struck Cincinnati, Arkansas, a community about 50 miles northwest of our house, killing at least three people, and destroying many buildings, including that town’s fire station. We escaped damage, but weather radar showed what seemed to be a tornado (I just love it when weather people use the euphemistic phrase“area of strong […]

ArmaLite Prez Mark Westrom on SCAR, DI, Patrick and All That

ArmaLite Prez Mark Westrom writes in response to the post ArmaLite Prez: “No technical advantage to an external piston system employing current ammunition” Patrick raises some good questions. Sounds like someone is behind on development, doesn’t it? Well, actually the first external piston system was applied to the AR-18, and we continued to use it when we […]

Pink Guns Are Now Legal in New York

Hey Samantha dear—come on down (once again) to Nassau County, NY and go through the draconian hurdles needed for a pistol license because it is finally legal to possess a pink pistol. Because of an obscure piece of legislation, it was illegal for any of us residents of Nassau County to pack any color other […]

ArmaLite’s New .50 Caliber Rifle

Not sure what’s up with this, exactly. The Illinois gunmaker put the image on ar15.com for a while, without drawing any speculation from the site’s firearm faithful. Check the fluted barrel. I reckon ArmaLite’s going in for some .50 cal. sniper action. All will be revealed at the SHOT show. Meanwhile, our source within the […]

Firearms Should Be Allowed in Every State House in the U.S.

“House Republican leaders want to lift a ban on guns and other dangerous weapons in the New Hampshire Statehouse complex put in place last year by Democrat,” boston.com reports. After that killer opening (so to speak), reporter Norma Love chronicles the legislative wrangling between the gun rights right and the all-guns-left-behind left. Which is to […]

The Truth About YouTube Gun Sales Videos

Scanning the ‘net, I came across this video hawking a heavily modified Remington for $1700. I’m a firm believer that a gun—or anything else—is worth exactly what someone will pay for it. Just for S&Gs, I sent the link to one of my gun gurus for his take. I’ve posted his no-holds barred analysis of […]

Chatham Artillery Punch

Garden & Gun magazine doesn’t provide much editorial on the former and even less on the latter. It’s one of those trendy mags that caters to what used to be called Yuppies with decorating tips, travel advice and paeans to the pleasures of unbridled consumption. Still, we keep our eye on their efforts and thank […]

ATF Creates a New Category: “Criminal Friendly FFL”

This website has repeatedly attacked the idea that “trace guns” are the same as “crime guns.” The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (and Really Big Fires) encourages every U.S. law enforcement agency—and now our allies abroad—to run an ATF trace on every single gun they encounter, regardless of its source. If the cops […]