UK: Gun Ban for Some, Armed Guards with Machine Guns for Kate Middleton

I’ve got no beef with Scotland Yard providing Prince William’s bride-to-be Kate Middleton with a team of bodyguards, including three close-contact officers and roving bands of machine gun-wielding police. While I’m about as pro-monarchy as Robespierre, Middleton is now, officially, “as asset.” She’s a natural target for drunken, drugged chauffeurs. I mean, nut jobs jihadists and suchlike. What I can’t understand—or understand all too well—is that the Powers That Be don’t think armed protection is acceptable for the little people. Thanks the blinding power of class consciousness, the little people themselves don’t see it. Besides, they’re too busy having a hissy fit over a police chief’s suggestion that ten-year-olds should be able to receive a gun licence (legally required to even think about shooting one). Time for a cuppa, methinks.

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