SSS = Shoot, Shovel and Shut Up?

Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings [above] is defending a charity fund-raising effort called “.308 SSS Wolf Pack Raffle.” And no wonder. First prize: a Winchester .308-caliber Model 70 Featherweight rifle and . . . a shovel. Why’s that, you ask? The raffle’s being held in a region where SSS is code for the preferred method of dealing with wolves: “shoot, shovel and shut up.” The Sheriff in question says he’s not advocating shooting federally protected wolves. According to the AP, Giddings maintains that the SSS in the raffle’s name stands for “safety, security and survival.” (No comment on the shovel, apparently.) Raffle tickets went on sale Friday for a buck a pop or 11 for $10. The drawing is set for March 8. And yes, out-of-state residents can buy tickets.


  1. avatar KW5150 says:

    I'm far from being a tree hugging liberal, but I have a great respect for wild animals of all sorts. I can't help but respect their tenacity and will to survive when I drive across a snowy, windswept plain in single digit temps. For me it's a visit. For them it's home. When they become a nuisance it's a different story, so I understand both sides of the argument. Wild boars are a prime example, but they are far from endangered and not federally protected. As some people already know, dogs are often used to track and hold boars until they are dispatched. There are several breeds of dog that are likewise designed to withstand the coldest temps and guard livestock with their lives. Large and powerful, their love of the flock is only surpassed by their hatred of wolves and coyotes. Having two or three of these roaming the acreage can go a long way to deter predation. As humans we should be able use creative ways to coexist with endangered species rather than just taking the easiest path. Otherwise there is no separation from the very beasts we would exterminate.

    The other point of view here is that it's a negligent discharge against responsible gun ownership, and ammunition for the anti gunners when you give away a rifle with the intent to break the law. Aren't we all striving to prevent the purchasing of firearms for use in the commission of a violent crime? I have no problem with the hunting of any animal, but pushing a noble species to the point of extermination is just plain wrong.

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