Real World Black Ops Vet: Game Poster Shows Broken Gun

Wolfgang Hammersmith is the author of the self-published Beyond the Call of Duty: Gunfight! 10 True Stories From Modern Warfare And Black Ops. Whether or not Wolfie is what he says he is—a real world ex-Marine and black ops combat team commander from the Vietnam era—awaits verification. Meanwhile, it seems that the 1911 in the Black Ops videogame poster is a broken ass gun. “They just released Call of Duty, and I looked at the poster,” Hammersmith told “Both pistols exhibited on the poster are 1911 A1 model pistols. One of them has the thumb safety down with the hammer on, which is impossible to do on that gun, which means the pistol is broken. And the other one has got the hammer down with the guy’s finger on the trigger, which wouldn’t happen either.”


  1. avatar Patrick Carrube says:

    HAHAHA! My wife called me a freak for noticing this! I saw it the minute I turned the game on. I'm still surprised they put a 1911 on the poster, instead of an HK or (vomit in my mouth) a Glock! I guess they had to be true to the name "Black Ops" – no Spec Ops guys use Glock's, although I do think some use a HK USPc

  2. avatar david says:

    why couldn't the hammer be down with the finger on the trigger? what does he think happens after a dry fire?

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