Question of the Day: Which Gloves Do You Use for Shooting?

Gun Guru Massad Ayoob recently blogged about cold weather shooting. As usual, condoms were mentioned. Ayoob also shared input from his expert readers on winter lubrication (of the non-alcoholic variety) and handwear. And so I put it to TTAG’s Armed Intelligentsia: what gloves do you use for winter shooting? For those of you who conceal carry, do you choose gloves that work with your gun? Do you practice with same? I recently ordered a pair of Nomex gloves for test and evaluation. Do you have any suggestions for other gloves we should review?


  1. avatar sevesteen says:

    I do practice with gloves. As a result I do not carry my J frame when I have to wear gloves–the gloves I typically wear keep the trigger from resetting. I could experiment with different gloves, but it is much easier to just carry my XD or my wife's P3AT in the winter.

  2. avatar John Moses says:

    I use winter grade golf gloves….available at any golf or sporting goods store. Warm, thin, tacky and weather proof. A good pair is less than 20.

  3. avatar LR308 says:

    VooDoo tactical in OD green, good gloves @ a reasonable price.

  4. avatar Gunner 442 says:

    For really cold weather shooting, check out the military issue shooting mittens(thick wool mittens with a ny/co shell) lifesavers for your hands in places like Germany, Bosnia, etc…

  5. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    Sorta cold weather? Kevlar-lined leather gloves from Harbor Freight, only $12. Really cold weather? I’ll take my right hand out of my bulky ski glove just long enough to shoot. If it’s that cold I probably wont be going shooting for fun.

  6. avatar Ralph says:

    Ayoob was writing about condoms? Please tell me it wasn't a product review.

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