Question of the Day: Do You Wear Gun Gear?

FN has released a new design for their 3GN (Three Gun Nation) T-shirt. Note: enthusiasts wearing FN’s “Rifleman” shirt will be pointing a loaded weapon at the genitalia of anyone standing immediately to their right. (Sam advises men to use the urinal furthest to the right.) More than that, if there’s a better way of advertising the fact that you own a gun (other than open carry), I can’t think of one. Is that such a good idea? In the same way that open carry says “shoot me first,” wearing your gun on your sleeve makes you a target. If nothing else, it invites derisory stares from blue state bystanders. Which may be the whole point. Anyway, I avoid gun clobber, save a SIG or American Firearms School baseball cap when I’m on the range. I reckon discretion is the better part of defensive ballistics. Or something like that. How about you?


  1. avatar Tam_212 says:


    Only if I am attending a firearms related event – a class, a day at the range, etc. Otherwise, I prefer to conceal my enjoyment of the 2nd Amendment from the general public. This is especially true as I reside in an area where armed citizens are, for the most part, frowned upon.

    Naysayers might believe law abiding citizens should have nothing to hide since our privileges are set by the Constitution but I believe this is a case where don't ask, don't tell works well from both a social and security standpoint.

  2. avatar TTACer says:

    I don't have any and I probably wouldn't wear it off the range if I did. I like it when I see someone with a "Glock Perfection" shirt or something. There is a guy who wears that where I work sometimes (professional office setting).

  3. avatar Ralph says:

    Hey RF, it's just clothes. I wear a "Property of the New York Giants" t-shirt and nobody mistakes me for strong safety. I wear a "CSI" t-shirt and nobody thinks I analyze DNA in less than an hour. I own a John Deere cap and I've never ridden a tractor, or even worn the cap because, well, I've never ridden a tractor. I wear an "I'm with Stupid" t-shirt and nobody thinks I'm with them. You sound like someone who's CCing for the first time and worrying if it shows. Well, it doesn't, and most people ain't gonna be checking out your snappy threads and dialing 911. By the way, one of my neighbor's kids wears a Charles Manson t-shirt. Maybe he's the exception to this rule.

  4. Right. You're bloody well right. You know you gotta right to say. Text amended.

  5. avatar GunKing1 says:

    Looks like the gun would be pointed to the right assuming the logo is on the front of the shirt. Lol.

    1. avatar stmmm says:

      He said it "will be pointing a loaded weapon at the genitalia of anyone standing immediately to their right"

  6. avatar Patrick Carrube says:

    I wear "gun shirts" mostly at the range, but "casual friday's" at work will sometimes warrant a firearm shirt. I try to avoid the "Chicks Dig Pistons (LWRC)" shirt at work, just for the sake of professionalism. I actually ordered a couple of Springfield Armory polo's that I wear during the week. I'll wear anything…. anything but a Glock shirt!

  7. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    I don't own own any gun-related clothing, but if I did I'd probably just wear it while engaging in gun-related activities. Unless it were a Walter Sobchak shirt, which I would wear anywhere but a bowling alley. Mark it zero, dude.

  8. avatar HonestAbe says:

    “A house divided against itself cannont stand …” That’s al the “Truth About Guns” anyone really needs to know.

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