Question of the Day: Black Friday, Black Rifles?

Well, here we are: Black Friday. Consumers are busy beating down the doors of retailers across the length and breadth of this great nation in pursuit of discount TVs, computers, clothes and, of course, firearms. Given that retail prices are pretty soft in the gun biz, you have to be a savvy shopper to get a genuine bargain. Gun buyers in South Carolina have a whole weekend to make that calculation; the state’s first annual “Second Amendment Sales Tax Holiday” kicks in over the weekend. Buy a new—not a used or collectible—handgun, rifle or shotgun and there’s no state or local sales on the purchase. So, are you buying a gun today or over the weekend? What kind of deal did, or would, open your wallet?


  1. avatar xstang says:

    …saw that Cabelas had Smith & Wesson 22a's on sale for $199. Anyone think I should jump on it?

  2. avatar Rem870 says:

    Black Friday is a very good opportunity to buy black rifle or other firearms and accessories.

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