Ohio Deer Season Opens: What’s Math Got to Do With It?

The Truth About Guns never met a stat that doesn’t smell fishy, even when it’s quantifying deer. Still, ’tis the season to wear orange, and the Buckeye state is experiencing its usual deer hunting bonanza. So let’s do the math! “It is the gun season in which most hunters participate,” timesreporter.com reports. “As more than 400,000 will take to the woods next week alone in pursuit of the state’s estimated 700,000-plus deer. It is during the gun season when in excess of 100,000 deer will be harvested across the state.” Taking that as writ . . .

One out of every four Ohio hunters will emerge venisonomous this year (or something like that). One out of seven deer will not live to see (or run from) another rut. Meanwhile, if 400k hunters spend $20 on a permit (averaging out antler-ful and antler-lessness), I make that $8m to Ohio. And at least as much to local merchants for Mountain Dew and other provisions.

If I was a deer, I’d demand a royalty payment. Then again, maybe not.


  1. avatar LR308 says:

    "in excess of 100,000 deer will be harvested across the state.”
    I spent many summers on my Grandparents farm here in ND and I NEVER seen a hopper on a combine full of deer. We "harvest" crops and we "kill" deer, this foolish PC thing of calling deer hunting a "harvest" must end!

  2. avatar TTACer says:

    I would think there would be more than 700k deer in Ohio. A friend of mine in Virginia has already bagged three.

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