NERF Modders Up in Arms Over CBS Chicago Hatchet Job

The NERF nation is up in arms about a CBS Chicago report highlighting the [alleged dangers] of modified NERF guns. Click here to view the piece in question, and read the growing scroll of mad mod men (well boys) criticizing CBS for their anti-NERF news. All things considered (which is sure to cover the story), CBS’ package is a fairly balanced piece, touching on the hobbyist aspect of the NERF modification community even as it makes a half-hearted attempt to sound alarmist. (The producers failed to find a single NERF mod-related KSI upon which to peg their polemic.) It will have an effect, however: exposing young children to the gun control battle ahead, as and when they decide to graduate to more potent pistols and long guns. “Just because two or three irresponsible kids on put pins on their darts, does not mean that all of us do.” Like that.


  1. avatar SexCpotatoes says:

    Kind of brings to mind a minor plot point in the comic book series Y: The Last Man where the young, female gang members “Paint our heaters so they look like toys”

  2. avatar TCBA_Joe says:

    So, kids who are into Nerf gun modding are made to look like their little criminals. Said kids are pissed and realize that the MSM is full of it.

    Gentlemen, we have the future pro-gun people of America. Someone needs to teach these kids about real guns.

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