iPhone Buyers Put Guns to the Head of Kids

“A young woman buys the latest iPhone. At the same time, in the Democratic Republic of Congo, a 14-year-old girl is forced at gunpoint to work in a pit where coltan, a mineral used in the manufacture of mobile phones, is mined.” Coincidence? I THINK NOT! Well, the CEO of the Australian Crime Commission doesn’t think so. It gets worse. “The profits of such mines are, in turn, used to buy the guns and bombs that fuel a civil war in which more than 5 million have died in a decade,” John Lawler says, Wait. I’ve got to text this link to a friend. There. Sorry. What were you saying?

“They need to be more aware of the impact of what they are doing. They need to look not only in the past, but into the future as to the impact of what they’re doing. The reality is, whether they want to or not, they are supporting organised crime.”

Bummer. That said, if it happens whether we want it to or not, what’s the problem? Meanwhile buying guns helps support the companies that provide arms for law enforcement and military forces around the world, who combat bad people doing bad things. Unless they ARE the people doing the bad things. How great is that?

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