Gun Nuts to TTAG: Nuts to You (Re: Ruger SR40 Trigger)

The gun guru at has published a review of the SR40. In a shot across our bow, it’s entitled The Truth About The Ruger SR40. While I appreciate and respect Caleb’s opinion of the SR40’s trigger (excerpted after the jump), this website reserves the right to call it like we see it. Our test and evaluation model’s trigger troubles were well and truly and professionally documented. I can only assume Caleb scored a better made pistol, or doesn’t make the same distinctions that we make here. And that’s the truth. Or is this the truth . . .

The most important feature in a competition gun is the trigger – and after running the trigger for over 1400 rounds and several hundred dry-fire reps I can objectively say that it’s a fine trigger.  I don’t expect the triggers on polymer pistols to feel like a tuned 1911 trigger out of the box, and the SR40 trigger, much like the SR9c trigger is about 6 lbs with a bit of pre-travel and a superbly positive reset.  I was running .19 splits during class on 7 yard drills to the A-zone, and that’s in part due to the short and positive reset on the SR40.  This was with USPSA Major loads – 180 grain JHPs at around 950 FPS, nothing to laugh at.  I’m considering building one of the SR40 pistols I have in to a dedicate Limited-10 gun, and while I’d remove the magazine disconnect I wouldn’t do anything to the trigger other than that.  I did have the chance to compare the SR40′s trigger to a Gen4 Glock 17, and the SR40 was lighter, smoother, and had a more positive reset.


  1. avatar Greg says:

    I like Caleb and all, but he can be kind of a smart-ass sometimes.

    1. avatar Caleb says:

      I prefer to think of it as "roguishly anti-authoritarian". But "smart-ass" works too.

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