Call of Duty Black Ops Kill Count Surpasses World Population reports that the human race has reached a new milestone. “On Saturday an in-game counter noted that the cumulative number of kills in the game [Call of Duty Black Ops] has surpassed the planet’s real-world population, which stands at about 6.9 billion.” What’s more, “Those deaths were largely as a result of gun shots. An amazing 138 billion shots have been fired in the game, and a disturbing — or successful, depending on your point of view — 561 million have been instant-killing headshots. About 51 million headshots have been delivered execution-style, while a player was alive but lying wounded.” There are plenty o’ stats to browse, but here’s my fave: “Staying too long in one position has proved deadly for 79 million players who were stabbed in the back.” See? Move and shoot, shoot and move, shoot while you move and move while you shoot.


  1. avatar LR308 says:

    That'll make the anti-gunners mess their underwear.

  2. avatar david says:

    respawns make life worthless

  3. avatar James Montgomery says:

    Ha, a friend of mine just took the 201st spot worldwide in singles. He's definitely contributed quite a bit.

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