Bristol Palin’s Dancing Triggers TV Shooting

According to, Steven Cowan and his wife were watching Dancing with the Stars last night when the sixty-six-year-old Black Earth [WI] resident became upset that “a politician’s daughter made the show without being a good dancer.” As opposed to? Anyway, that would be Bristol Palin, daughter of gun rights goddess Sarah Palin. “Authorities said Cowan demanded his pistols, which his daughter removed a month ago [due to mental health issues]. He did have a shotgun, and he allegedly fired it at the TV and pointed it at his wife. She then left and called 911. Sheriff’s deputies said Cowan kept them at bay from about eight Monday night until 11 Tuesday morning when he surrendered without resisting.”


  1. avatar Brett Solomon says:

    A follow-up from Howard Stern this morning: "Bristol Palin is the worst dancer ever," seethed Stern. "I'm telling you I could outdance her and I suck d–k.  I have no rhythm whatsoever. If Bristol wins I'm leaving America.  That's it. I mean, I gotta tell you something.  First of all Bristol Palin is the first contestant in the history of Dancing with the Stars to get fatter as the show goes on.  It's almost impossible to get fatter.  She must be eating everything in sight."

    Maybe Steve Cowan isn't so mental?

  2. avatar Victor says:

    If Bristol Palin is fat, then I guess I’m into fatties. All politics aside, Bristol’s hot. There. I said it.

    And I’m a real man, unlike that wuss Levi.

    Gimme a call Bristol! You can teach me some of those dance moves any day.

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