Bridgewater (CT) Paper Thrilled by Big Gun

“A California man who had a .41-caliber Smith & Wesson gun so big police thought it was fake was sentenced to three years in the Plymouth House of Corrections on drug-possession and firearm charges,” Connecticut’s reports. (If it was Boston, it would be Apparently, size matters. As does proximity. And not storing ammo in your kid’s room. “I’m glad we got the gun out of Middleboro with no damage and the little boy wasn’t hurt,” [a police spokesperson] said. She said it was disturbing that [Richard] Pelley was living so close to the elementary school with such a large gun.” ‘Cause large guns are WAY more dangerous than small ones. Apparently.


  1. avatar richard pelley says:

    Well it truly is interesting how people believe everything they hear in the media. Here i am a free man after the bullshit. I work everyday pay my bills pay my taxes and take care of my family. Just for everyones information the gun was in a locked safe with a trigger lock on it in the attic. Which was also locked. It just so happens that the access point for the attic was in the closet in the kids room but he had no access.

  2. avatar Tec's Dad says:

    Nope, not Connecticut.. there is a Bridgewater but no Middleboro; plus CT doesn’t have a House of Detention in Plymouth but Massachusetts does

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