Question of the Day: Resources for Firearms Home Study?

I’ve been around guns all my life. My father and grandfather retired from long, successful careers with the Denver Police. Out of high school, I joined the Colorado Air National Guard and served for ten rewarding years. The main thing I learned about firearms from my background and experience: I have a lifetime of learning ahead of me. I now have four children, three of whom are old enough to learn about guns. As a man who knows his limitations, I’ve been searching for good sources to further my shooting skills and serve as a baseline for properly teaching the ropes to my children. I know that a professional instructor is the correct answer. But my range is too far away, and all of our schedules preclude anything consistent.  So, I looked to the net . . .

I ran across the International Hunter Education Association. It’s an excellent resource for firearms education, offering a wealth of basic but mission critical information in small, digestible bites. The illustrations are clear and concise. After ten pages of information, you take a multiple choice test. Unlike the tests that follow NRA courses, the “ten and then” system provides instant feedback that helps seal the information in your memory.

“Why can’t I hit the clay pigeon with this shotgun?” your friend asks. “I’m pretty good with a rifle.” She’s getting frustrated. What five techniques can you show her so that she can improve her shooting skill with shotguns?

That’s about as difficult as it gets. So, do you know of any websites that can take my firearms education, and that of my children’s, to the next level? None of us has the time or patience to work the forums. We need a website that can teaches us how to be better, safer shooters, with lessons we can take to the range as and when we get the chance. Rifle, shotgun, handgun. Target, hunting, self-defense Thanks for your help, and happy Thanksgiving!


  1. avatar sutton says:

    Placeholder comment so I can be notified of any responses to this. I'm curious to hear what people say myself.

  2. avatar HerbM says:

    For basic defensive skills the Thunder Ranch videos are excellent.

    For more sophisticated tactical skills and techniques, the Suarez International and associated instructors (AMOK! Pistol retention, Roger Philps Point Shooting Progressions, Sonny Puzakis Beyond the AK Firearm etc) are great resources.

    Also DR Middlebrooks FistFire is worth the time and money to extend your skills.

    Obviously I focused on DEFENSIVE shooting, not hunting or sport.

  3. avatar Bob H says:

    I just use all the techniques I see on Tv and in the movies…

    /sarc off

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