30 days to Conceal Carry.

Okay, campers. Listen up. I’ve been yakking for some time now about conceal carry. Wrote a whole series here on TTAG about how to pick the perfect gun for concealment whilst carrying. (I left one thing out…how to PAY for the bloody thing.) Well, now I have the opportunity to do a little proof-of-concept on my ideas without having to pay first/regret later. (I love my job!)

You see, after weighing all the options, I’d narrowed my personal choice down to a specific make/model. And I’m happy to report that the very gun I’ve had my eye on (read: “drooling over in every gun shop in a 500 mile radius”) has been shipped to me for testing. So I’ve been thinking about how best to cover this particular experience, and I’ve hit on an idea that I think will be a test, not only for the weapon, but also for the entire topic of concealed carry. And, oddly enough, I have a card-carrying, left-wingnut, eco-Nazi to thank for it.

Don’t know if you watch a lot of TV, but there’s a guy out there who took his 15 minutes of fame and expanded it into a series. Fella by the name of Morgan Spurlock. He created a documentary, where he ate at McDonalds for 30 days to “prove” that their menu is unhealthy. Crap, I could eat at a salad bar for thirty days and do the same thing. I mean, aside from the grandstanding, what did he prove? Oh, yeah, that Andy Warhol was a pessimist – turns out, in the future, any Yahoo get his own TV series, if the concept hits all the right notes on the Politically-Correct-O-Meter™. Yep. They gave him a show, where he subjected others to being dropped into a situation that went against their personal grain, and documented it for – you guessed it – 30 days.

So, I’m going to riff off this guy’s idea. I’m going to carry my “dream pistol” for 30 days, everywhere I can legally carry it. (No, I’m not gonna sleep with it on me. Thanks for asking.) I will report back here, weekly (and hopefully not weakly) as to my experiences with the gun and conceal carry. I’ll talk about how it differs from the gun I first bought, thinking “I will ignore what everyone is telling me about getting a lighter, smaller gun, and buy a full-sized 1911.” and how that gun proved (quickly) to be way too bloody heavy and large to carry on a daily basis. I’ll cover my choice in holsters, and the daily mechanics of dealing with having a gun on my hip, having to stow it if I go into a place where I’m not able to carry, et cetera.

For those of you who are curious as to what, exactly, I’ll be carrying…stay tuned. This should get interesting.


  1. avatar IGB says:

    One gun for 30 days or different gun each week? Looking forward to it either way.

  2. avatar Ralph says:

    But is it fattening?

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