What’s Wrong with This Picture?

your eyes: You’re not dreaming. Get ready to lock and load with today’s sure-fire hit of a deal by paying $65 to spend the afternoon Shootin’ & Drinkin’ with Urban Escapes. At 55% off the regular $145 value, you’ll go over the basics of shooting and safety at Westside Pistol Range before you get to go postal and tear up targets for an hour . . .

After testing your aim with a sharpshooter competition, you’ll venture to Chelsea Wine Vault for a bourbon, scotch, and whiskey tasting. Pick your Sunday for this LivingSocial exclusive event: November 7, November 14, November 21, December 5, December 12, January 2, January 9 and January 16 — just be sure to nab this deal before we pull the trigger.

And that, my friends, is living social. Dot com. [hat tip to Patrick Brown for the link]


  1. avatar Zealot says:

    I LOVE that it's Sold Out! Even if you're into neither guns nor spirits, who can pass up a deal like that?

  2. avatar 84P6 says:

    Seems expensive for 50shots of .22lr and a few sips of whiskey…

  3. avatar Roy Hill says:

    I can, and have, put together the same event in my own backyard for a much lower price.

    But I had better guns and better spirits on hand, too. I'm willing to bet that the targets we shot were also much more entertaining.

    Of course, nobody so much as even smelled anything with alcohol in it until all guns were unloaded and securely locked away in a safe and the leftover ammunition (if there was any) was also securely stored away.

    I enjoy both guns and a little alcohol now and then. But never shall the twain mix under any circumstances.

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