Washington Times Publishes TTAG Editorial: “Fewer firearms, more crime”

Click here to read “Fewer firearms, more crime.” I guess the Washington Times headline writer didn’t get the reference to John “Death by Stats” Lott’s More Guns, Less Crime. My title was snazzier: “More Guns, Less Drug Lords.’ But if I wanted total editorial control over my work, I’d start a blog. Oh wait. I wrote this piece to point out that the Mexican government has trampled on their citizens’ constitutional rights to bear arms; the rise of the drug lords owes much to the Mexican people’s inability to defend themselves from criminal violence, torture and intimidation. Forget interdiction—the drug lords will get weapons anyway. Arm the people! More guns for Mexico! Meanwhile, I’m over the Moonie that there’s a mainstream(ish) paper that’s willing to give voice to a pro-gun piece with a Latin twist.

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