U.S. Army MK19 a Damn Sight Better. In Theory.

“Responding to user complaints, the U.S. Army has developed and successfully tested a new rear sight for the Mk19 40mm automatic grenade launcher,” strategypage.com reports. “The Mk19 has been around for a long time, without much change.” Roger that. The U.S. Navy developed the blowback weapon for the Vietnam War to pelt the VC from swift boats and such. “The iron rear sight was designed for older ammo, which caused the sight to be inaccurate. So users were more often just ‘walking in’ exploding rounds to the target.” The new sight is more accurate, cheaper, less complex and thus easier to maintain. And now, it’s time for a new weapon! Enter the Mk47. Or not . . .

What really makes the Mk47 different is the Mk285 40mm shells, each equipped with a time fuze. Normally only used in larger artillery shells, a time fuze in 40mm grenades makes it easier to get at enemy troops on roof tops or behind walls. These shells, which cost $213 each, can only be used with the Mk47. The first troops to get the Mk47 were U.S. NAVY SEALS, and other SOCOM troops.

Yes but . . .

The replacement weapon is being tested in combat, while the army is still ordering new Mk19s. This is because the Mk19 gets the job done, is cheaper and the troops like it.

Hey, forty-four years of evolution can’t be wrong, can it?


  1. avatar paul says:

    Nobody likes the MK19, its a piece of shit that never works

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