Stoeger Cougar vs. Wilson Combat X-TAC

A $499 Stoeger Cougar vs. a $2395 Wilson Combat X-TAC? D’uh. But that’s not the point, exactly. Post review, both guns are headed back to their respective manufacturers. Before they leave TTAG, I wanted to know if a total newbie would be appreciably more accurate with the Wilson than the Stoeger. We found our test subject at American Firearms School. It was Rob’s first day shooting a gun in the history of the world ever. The target was at 10 yards. Make the jump for Rob’s rendezvous with the Wilson Combat X-TAC.

Rob’s group reflects the sight picture problem that Patrick Carrube talked about in his review. He shot low. Mind you, we didn’t tell Rob how to get a sight picture with the Wilson. And the result is still pretty clear: the group’s much tighter. All it takes is about two grand.

For those of you currently investing your money in groceries, please note: the Stoeger Cougar at five yards is plenty damn accurate. At ten, in the hands of even a reasonably experienced shooter, it’s more than accurate enough. As our man Hill said, the Cougar’s excellent .45 for people who might recoil at a .45’s recoil.

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