Silver Shadow Unveils Gilboa 5.56mm Compact Assault Rifle and Silenced Timna Sniper rifle

Israeli gun pimpers Silver Shadow debuted their Gilboa 5.56mm compact assault rifle and Silenced Timna high precision sniper rifle at ISDEF 2010. Snipers first! “Modifying the latest Russian M76 sniper rifle into the new Timna Silenced sniper rifle, Silver Shadow took this proven Russian design further,” updates. “[They’ve] modified it into a western 7.62/51 designed for heavy, high velocity ammunition, enabling military and law enforcement snipers to operate with maximum stealth, even at close range as well as at maximum distance. The rifle is matched with a barrel made by Shilen Rifles, and a modern, full barrel length silencer developed by Silver Shadow which leaves almost no acoustic signature.” All they want is yours on a check, presumably. Gilboa time, courtesy . . .

The Gilboa employs the proven lower receiver of the M-16/M4 design, coupled with a new upper receiver designed by Silver Shadow…. Gilboa comes in various sizes and configurations, from the smallest 2.25 kg Automatic Pistol Rifle (APR), the short and standard versions, to the long-barrel 3.55 kg Designated Marksman Rifle (DMR). The APR measures 51 centimeters in length, fitted with a 7″ barrel as standard, but for special uses it can be configured with a 4.5″ barrel. The ‘DMR’ is a heavily modified Gilboa series automatic rifle designed to provide military and law enforcement operators greater firepower at combat ranges. It is fitted with a heavy match 18″ barrel for better harmonics and has a 7:1 twist rate to permit using heavier projectiles.

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