Question of the Day: Why is Toby Keith’s Album “Regrettably Titled”?

You’d think that a country and western music reviewer would be OK with guns. An Alabama gun store’s music system could play firearms-mentioning C&W music in the background for five days straight, without repeating a single song. So why does Washington Post scribe Bill Friskics-Warren write “Toby Keith can be predictably boorish, but he can also surprise you, as his regrettably titled new album, ‘Bullets in the Gun,’ amply attests.” Shouldn’t that be illustrates? And if Mr. Keith’s album is so regrettably titled, why does Friskics-Warren recommend the title track of the same name? Here’s what Friskics-Warren’s remark illustrates . . .

A right coast media outlet can be so anti-gun that it feels free to sneak a slam against firearms into its copy without a second thought, even when its addressing an audience that believes in the Second Amendment like Washington journalists believe in expense accounts.


  1. avatar Chris Dumm says:

    As greatly as Mr. Friskics-Warren might desire that this album bore an effete literary title, such as "Quarrels In The Quiver", such a title would be nearly as nonsensical as Mr. Friskics-Warren's contempt for his own subject matter. I rather doubt his barbs will hurt Mr. Keith, anyway.

    After all, a country boy can survive.

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