NRA Puts Its Money Where The GOP Is

There’s been a lot of media chatter about the National Rifle Association’s (NRA) Democratic endorsements. God knows why. The gun rights group has been supporting candidates on both sides of the aisles for decades, playing real politik with the big boys. This year, what with the anti-dem backlash and all, the NRA’s faced more heat than usual from its conservative base re: supporting the party of the previous progenitors of hope and change. The NRA faithful quashed any chance that longtime NRA goodfella and Nevada State Senator Harry Reid would get the NRA nod. And while some Dems have NRA backing, the Washington Post notes that 100 percent of the $6.75 million they’re spending on campaign ads is going to the Grand Old Party. Home is where the money lies. Or something like that . . .


  1. avatar Greg says:

    The NRA is as big a threat to the 2nd Amendment as anyone. Their support of unconstitutional federal legislation regarding gun registration and "common sense" restrictions since the 1960s proves it. DO NOT SUPPORT THE NRA!!

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