Naomi Watts Fed Baby With Loaded Gun in Her Pocket. Or Not

Nonsense. Naomi Watts did not breast feed her baby with a loaded gun in her pocket. Not that there’s anything wrong with that per se. Those super-mega-dangerous guns don’t go off by themselves you know. It’s just that the prop master for Fair Game would never hand Ms. Watts a loaded gun (i.e. one with real bullets in it), period. And yet, reports . . .

“Thank god I had a great nanny was right there because I was feeding every three hours with a loaded gun in my pocket! Who can say they’ve done that?”

Hands up people! Now, can someone please explain why having a loaded gun in your pocket while breast feeding a baby makes you extra-super-special thankful you have a Nanny in attendance? No, I thought not.

Oh, and why isn’t there a single gun battle in this preview? Sean Penn. Riiiight.

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