Massad Ayoob Creeps Me Out

“The cute little redhead I call The Evil Princess spotted an Internet ad from the very same Cabela’s for a product named The Dead Sled,” Massad Ayoob blogs. “Turns out to be something called generically a ‘game cart.’ It’s basically a ‘dolly,’ only set up to transport the carcass of a deer that has been transformed into venison. I was told it was a discontinued item in Cabela’s ‘Bargain Cave.’ Given the name, I can see why it might have been discontinued.” Given its purpose and Mr. Ayoob’s single-minded fixation on the effect of bullets on flesh and bone, I can see why the expert expert witness finds the Dead Sled strangely compelling . . .

Until we find some way to convince Bambi to walk into our freezer so we can shoot him there, this new “game cart” technology DOES seem to have potential. Only thing is, I saw the Evil Princess looking at the Dead Sled, looking at me…looking at the Dead Sled, looking at me… And I could tell that what was going through her mind was, “He IS kind of an ‘old buck’…”

Gun slingers don’t grow old. They just get a bit gamey. I guess.


  1. avatar joe says:

    Not so cool. Mas is a stand up guy and you should have kept that thought to yourself.

  2. Well, he's standing up at the moment . . .

  3. avatar Martin Albright says:

    I don't think that's a "dead sled." At least, it's not what I call a "dead sled." I've used dead sleds for years. They're cheap, stiff plastic platforms to which you strap the carcass of your kill to and then use to drag it out of the brush. My brother and I dragged the better part of a 500lb cow elk out of the forest that way a couple of years ago. Took us 3 hours to go about a mile, and it was mostly downhill. A dead sled is just that, a sled, i.e. you drag it on the ground. What is pictured above I would call a "game cart."

  4. avatar captaindigital says:

    Hey…the bathrooms here at TTAG World H.Q. are fully equipped with the latest in .45 cal toothbrushes. And we like it like that.

  5. avatar Marty says:

    I don't think Mas deserves the disrespect.

  6. The man's poking fun at himself. I'm just playing along.

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