Lapua Magnum Replacing .50 Cal?

“The Israeli Army is the latest to adopt the Lapua Magnum cartridge,” reports. “The Israelis selected the HTR 2000 rifle, a 5.1 kg weapon [not shown] with a three round magazine and a 606mm (24 inch) barrel.” The Lapua’s big advantage over the .50: weight. “Snipers in Iraq, and especially Afghanistan, have been calling for a longer range round, but find the 12.7mm (.50 caliber) weapons too heavy.” The 50-cal Kings, Barrett, know which way the wind blows; they’ve adjusted for both branding height and profit elevation . . .

“Recognizing the popularity of the 8.6mm round, Barrett . . . came out with a 15.5 pound version of its rifle, chambered for the 8.6mm. There are now dozens of sniper rifles chambered for the Lapua Magnum round.”

Including Accuracy International’s Arctic Warfare Magnum, the rifle [partly] responsible for the world’s longest distance confirmed sniper kill. Yours for just $5844.99.

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