In America, AR With Safety Owns You

MyStepbyStep’s YouTube caption says it all: “пострелял от души но мало…75 баксов. был лучший вариант за 95, хотел в другой раз, но так и не дошел…сейчас понимаю, как М.Гибсон палит с беретты чуть ли не очередями и не целясь ))” According to Google, that’s “shoot from the heart but not enough … 75 bucks. was the best option for the 95, like at other times, but never came … now I understand how M. Gibson, firing Berettas with almost no queues and no aiming)).” Shoot from the heart but not enough; my new favorite Zen koan. A message to our former Cold War enemies: Mahalo nui loa na ho’olaule’a me la kaua. Thank you for celebrating with us.


  1. avatar Al Swymer says:

    Alternate translation: "I shot from the soul, but not much… (it was) 75 bucks. The best option was 95 (bucks). I wanted (to shoot) again, but didn't manage to. Now I understand how Mel Gibson burned through (a magazine) from a Beretta without aiming." I think the guy is talking about how much fun it was vs the cost… but I could be wrong.

  2. avatar LR308 says:

    Thats an M&P 15-22…just sayin.

  3. I knew that! AR-style then?

    1. avatar LR308 says:

      LOL. AR works for me, it feels the same as my centerfire AR's other than it's light weight.

  4. And the recoil. Don't forget the recoil. Check out this post on the Mossberg AR-style 22:

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