Gun Review: Kimber Ultra Carry TLE II vs. Glock 30


  1. avatar IGB says:

    Light some candles. Love it! Great review.

  2. avatar txgunslinger says:

    there is no way you should be including the crimson trace in the width measurement – that part it easily removable. The reason people carry any flavor of 1911 is b/c they ARE slimmer. Furthermore, including the beaver tail in the total length is kinda lame – slide length is what fits in the holster. I agree with you on one thing – the Kimber is sexy. Waaay sexy. Glock is an ugly, utilitarian Euro-brick. Thanks for the review, don't mind me, I'm a professional 'bitcher'.

  3. avatar NJGUNSLINGER says:

    Yeah, I gotta agree with txgunslinger…the 1911 is its own thing. The Glock 30 sits by the bed and is ready to roll.
    A 1911 is a straight shooter, you aim it, pull the trigger and it goes right where you want it.
    Glocks on the other hand need to have the 'grip' mastered before a rapid situation. But anyway, a thorough and well done review!

  4. avatar Joe45 says:

    best comment bout 1911 i’ve ever heard. dont forget to turn on some marvin gaye!

  5. avatar SCA says:

    It’s very refreshing to hear comments from someone who is obviously knowledgeable and experienced with his firearms and their function. Great presentation and insight. Thanks!

  6. avatar KCAutobob says:

    Good review. I just happen to have a Kimber Ultra Ten II. Sexy, AND it carries 10 rounds of .45acp +1 in the chamber. Evens things up as far as capacity, but with the lighter polymer frame, you can’t have the laser- but it does have night sights. Very accurate for such a small .45. Did i mention the 10 + 1? This was the first hi-cap .45 I ever picked up and didn’t feel like I was grabbing a table leg. It points naturally, like a single stack 1911. If you got a 3″ barreled auto-pistol that’s reliable, you’ve got a good gun.
    P.S. : hope I’m not adding confusion for anyone….

  7. avatar Pastor Billy says:

    Just got the Kimber today. I’ve owned a glock. I love both. Nice review. Thanks for the info. I’m digging the Kimber a lot though. 45 acp in a carry pistol….youre good either way.

  8. avatar Wayne says:

    I enjoyed the review. I to like the Kimber if for nothing but looks. One thing I have to say though is that I would prefer a less silver \ shiny finish. Reflectiveness just gives someone something more to aim and shoot at… Just me. Even so between the two I would choose the kimber.

  9. avatar Frank says:

    I just purchased the Kimber TLE Carry and i have to say i am in love with this gun. The review was wonderful really enjoyed the comments and had a huge factore in my purchase. Thank you

  10. avatar Ron says:

    I have both a Glock 30 and a Kimber CDP 2. The ugly duckling shot perfect out of the box. The Kimber is still jamming after 600 rounds. The factory says its not broke in yet. Don’t know if I could ever trust it. Besides with the cost of ammo I could of paid for another Glock trying to break this thing in.

  11. avatar Rich says:

    Got to go with the Glock 30. You even said it at the end of the review… Function vs form. That Glock will run longer and better than the Kimber. No need to change the recoil spring after 800 rounds like Kimber recommends for its pistol. Don’t get me wrong, the Kimber looks great, but considering cost, fire power and reliability, Glock wins hands down. Nice review.

  12. avatar erik says:

    I would take the kimber if i didnt like it i could sell it and buy 2 glocks for the same price.

  13. avatar Michael Fallon says:

    Completely ignored the fat grip of the glock and grip angle difference. The 1911 grip and pointability are much better than the Glock. The Kimber IS thinner too. He includes the laser mounted on the side in the width. Really? He talks about not being a cop or soldier, so he is not concerned about carrying fifty or one hundred rounds, but makes a point of the Glock having only three rounds more? Look, the Glock 30 is a fine pistol, but it doesn’t have a match grade accurate barrel. The Kimber does. The Glock doesn’t have a match grade smooth trigger. The Kimber does. The Kimber weighs more than the Glock, but has more muzzle flip? Maybe. The Glock has a longer barrel, than the Kimber. One thing for sure. Any 1911 for concealed carry is for someone willing to take the time and training necessary to master it’s use. It is not for beginners. Let face it. Any Glock is a good basic gun for anyone. Easy to learn, and clean. The price differences in both guns, just reflects the extra refinements in the more expensive Kimber. As you can tell, I lean to the Kimber in this comparison. I just wanted all the differences on the table. However, I will say as a practical person, if I was in the middle of the Apocalypse, with only one gun, that did not need a whole lot of tender loving care, as a 1911, Yes I admit, I would want to have a Glock. I believe I could conceal carry a Kimber Ultra 1911 better, than a Glock 30.

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