CTA Digital Offers Submachine Gun for Playstation Move

CTA Digital has unveiled its generically named “Submachine Gun” for the PlayStation Move. According to the peripheral makers, gamers can easily adjust the SG to “resemble firearms from most modern and future combat titles via the removable scope and stock.” Huh? “Simply place the Motion Controller up front, in the barrel area, and slip the Navigation Controller into the handle portion, for a unique yet highly intuitive light gun gaming accessory.” Oh. I guess. What I really like is their description of the gun’s style: “Distinct quasi-futuristic styling.” That’s quasi-cool! For sale November 30, $29.99 from Amazon.


  1. avatar Steve says:

    Just give it time, the feds will say it can be converted to a full auto 5.56, or the VPC will whine and cry that the barrel needs to be orange.

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