Citibank Denies Credit to Military Firearms Suppliers. Again.

“Citi does not prohibit the financing of firearms purchases by individuals nor the financing of businesses that manufacture and sell them to individuals for recreational use. However, we do prohibit financing merchants in the non-ancillary military equipment industry, including the financing of businesses that manufacture and or sell firearms for military use.” That’s the statement from Elizabeth Fogarty, Citi Public Affairs, after Home Depot yanked credit from Oregon’s Warne Scope Mounts Company because of “the industry you’re in.” The big question: why? More to the point, I thought we’d already put this one to bed . . .

March 2000,, re: the Nevada Pistols palaver:

After reviewing several policy “areas,” [Citi PR meister Mark] Rodgers said, “we decided we must have uniform policies across the U.S.” Consequently, he said, Citibank “decided that moving forward the practice of assessing a small business account will apply uniformly in small businesses,” including those “engaged in the manufacture or sale of small firearms.”

Rodgers said the firm would rate firearms businesses “the same as any other small business, using the same standards such as creditworthiness, the number of years in business, and so on.”

I guess Oregon didn’t get the memo. If Citi doesn’t pull the plug on this anti-firearms industry policy, again, they’ll face even more blowback than they did ten years ago. Gun rights groups are more numerous, more organized, better connected and hungrier for a fight then ever before.


  1. avatar Puke says:

    It's their money to loan to whom they want.
    Go find another bank.

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