CAA Tactical RONI: From Pistol to Carbine in Five Seconds

CAA Tactical made the scene at the 2010 Isreali Defense Exposition (ISDEF) 2010 with their new RONI shell kit. CAA says shooters can carbine their Glock, SIG SAUER, Springfield or Beretta firearm (must choose one) in five seconds without special tools, pistol disassembly, gunsmithing or unpleasant bending. Bonus! The system maintains zeroing. The company claims that the system extends the donor weapon’s range to 50 – 70 meters, thanks to improved grip and accuracy. Nothing to do with the barrel length methinks. continues the pitch after the jump, with more gun porn for your dining and shooting pleasure . . .

The weapon maintains the pistol’s cocking handle to operate the weapon, so the firearm is always ready for action. RONI’s enlarged cocking handle fits onto the pistol’s handle, enabling easier operation, and more efficient clearing of jams, performed in the same way as when shooting the pistol by itself. The shell kit comes with extra safety devices, such as a safety shroud to protect the trigger for pistols without a conventional safety devise. And a forward finger guard, protecting the forefinger from the hot barrel shroud.

Click here to watch a small, non-embeddable (like my first girlfriend) video of the conversion process.

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