AK47 Reviewed In Absentia


  1. avatar IGB says:

    That's a really painful video. Start forwarding at :50.

  2. avatar Claudius Valarium says:

    Very Painful. It's like watching a train wreck in slow motion. You want to look away, but just can't. Just know that after 0:50, you won't get te next 14 minutes of your life back.

  3. avatar Zealot says:

    I actually agree with most of this guy's philosophy on gun and ammo selection and the reasoning behind it. A few errors aside, sounds like he's done some research. On top of that, I thought he was entertaining.

  4. avatar Zealot says:

    Okay I typed some of that before he said "When it comes to murder" That part was out there and I obviously don't support murder. But the larger point is well taken.

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