Irresponsible Gun Owner of the Day: Cecilio Mendez-Ballesteros

This one’s a bit of a no-brainer. Juan Robles, 30, Antonio Vieyra, 31, and Cecilio Mendez-Ballesteros, 28, were partying at Mendez-Ballesteros’ home in Wilmington, Delaware. The men took turns to fire at their heads with a gun – loaded with one bullet. “It is alleged that when Mr Robles refused, Mendez-Ballesteros took the gun, pointed it […]

Sunday Morning Funnies: 10 Ways to Kill a Pumpkin.

One of my favorite arguments coming from the Lunatic Left, KoolAid-drinking gun-grabbing Progressives,  gun-control advocates is that if you take away private ownership of guns, violence would be virtually eliminated. Um . . . not so much. Consider the humble pumpkin . . .

Five Gunfighting Tips for Criminals

We here at TTAG are concerned that economically disadvantaged, legally challenged shooters are misrepresenting the marksmanship skills possessed by the majority of the firearms community. Every single day we hear about gun battles where criminals fail to hit their target, even at close range. Obviously, bad strategy, improper weapon and ammunition choices and poor training […]

Bang Bang

A lot of people labor under the impression that you simply aim a shotgun in the general direction of the threat, pull the trigger and be done with it (skipping the loading, prepping and aiming bits). Shotgunistas refer to this as the “spray and pray” philosophy. Truth be told, at home defense distances, just about any […]

Obama OK’s Child Soldiers for Chad, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sudan, and Yemen

“As a senator, Barack Obama supported legislation requiring the United States to cut off military aid to countries recruiting and deploying child soldiers.” The Christian Science Monitor reports. “This week as president, Mr. Obama acted to ensure that four countries found to use child soldiers – but which are also considered key national security interests […]

14,000 New York Bodega Workers to Tool Up?

Sometimes firearms-related stories go from the sublime to the ridiculous. For example, the proactive searching procedures that helped remove knives, guns and drugs from violence-plagued inner city schools have morphed into zero tolerance policies that expel grade schoolers who pack a toy pistol in their backpack. Sometimes, stories go from the ridiculous to the sublime. For example, […]