Why You Need a Semi, Or Practice Reloading Your Revolver

From CNN:

A Massachusetts woman caught a 13′, 900-pound alligator in South Carolina using her fishing pole. [ED: And a gun.]

Mary Ellen Mara-Christian successfully got a permit through the state’s lottery system for the one month long season. Wednesday morning, she headed to Lake Moultrie with her husband and few friends in search of a gator. What she found was a monster . . .

She hooked him with her fishing pole and battled for two hours to get him near the boat. In South Carolina you have to secure the gator and get it to the boat before you’re allowed to shoot it.

“Your heart’s just pumping and pumping he was enormous you could see this part him coming out of the water,” Mara-Christian said. “His big belly, then you saw his head – his head had to come out for me to shoot him.” [NB: I don’t think that was the alligator’s intent.]

They shot him eight times, but he was still moving.

“We had to stab him a couple of times to break his spinal cord,” said Mara-Christian.


  1. avatar 67dodgeman says:

    Ruger used to make a carbine in .44 magnum. I've heard those are worth their weight in gold to alligator hunters, and only slightly less valuable to hog hunters working thick brush country. Didn't hold a lot of bullets, but it would pack a punch.

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