What’s Wrong With This Picture?

The fact the mainstream media got its knickers in a twist about the possibility of a small-town Koran burning shows you just how 2000 and late the MSM be. Truth be told, generating and disseminating offensive images is no longer the sole purview of the J-School gatekeepers. Suppressing and censoring them is nearly impossible. Anyone can upload anything to anyone or everyone anywhere and everywhere, anytime. And once it’s out there, there ain’t no coming back. Take this photo showing Israeli soldiers aiming a rifle at a Palestinian detainee . . .

ynetnews.com reports that the soldiers snapped it on their cell phone and uploaded it to the ‘net. How do you stop such things? These days, there’s only one recourse: stopping the behavior. If you can.

“Many good IDF combat soldiers and officers have been photographed in similar pictures, with terrorists’ bodies or the bodies of enemy soldiers,” the soldiers’ legal representative Att. Eyal Nun told the paper. “Not only has nobody ever protested this, but such pictures have even been included in Israeli victory albums.”

In our Brave New World, culture eats foreign policy for lunch.

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