U.S. Army Sends Troops 10,000 M4 Carbine Fix Kits

“The U.S. Army has begun delivering upgrade kits for its M4 carbines,” strategypage.com reports. “The kits replace the barrel, receiver and auto-loading system with one that is easier to keep clean. There is also a heavier barrel and the ability to fire full automatic. There are also stronger rails on top of the barrel, for mounting scopes and such. The army is distributing at least 10,000 of these kits this year.” The move follows years (decades?) of debate and controversy surrounding the M4’s reliability, and several aborted attempts to replace the M4 with something better. strategypage.com’s article charts the strange ch-ch-changes. Bottom line: the Army soldiers on with a gun where cleanliness is next to sending the bad guys to Godliness.

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