Two Reasons I Don’t Shoot Squirrels

First, this guy likes shooting squirrels. Second, writer Don Pagath just put me off the idea for life. Well, at least until winter.

A concern of early season squirrel hunters is worbles. This is a worm of the Bot fly that gets into mainly squirrels and rabbits, sometimes cats. I have seen on TV that sometimes they will get into humans, but not very often. The area affected usually is around the neck. The worm is between the skin and meat and has an open sore that is unsightly borderline gross. You can see the worm moving around inside . . .

First time I saw one of these was when I lived in Georgia, in my Army days. I had a cat visit me at the house and found one on it. Not knowing for sure what it was I pored hydrogen peroxide on the sore. Never saw the cat again, out the door it went. I have read the worble does not hurt the meat. Although ugly, properly cooked the meat should be OK. Most people I talk with throw the animal away or wait until after first frost to hunt.

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