TTAG Helmet Cam Up and Running. Literally.

TTAG gun reviewer and rabbi antagonist Patrick Carrube says the helmet cam is go, and here’s the video to prove it. Patrick’s sent the Wilson Combat X-TAC .45 back to base. We’ll demo the trigger pull and then ship it back to Wilson and get on with the review of their combat shotgun. Next up for Sr. Carrube: a review of the Springfield XD-M 45. Roy Hill’s got a Stoeger Cougar 9mm review in the works. Early reports are encouraging: “Short, fat, ugly, monkey-simple to break down. And I can shoot the Hell out of it.” But wait! There’s more!

I’m putting together a compact comparo today: Ruger SR9c, Springfield XD Compact and Glock 19. Brad Kozak’s doing something with the Kimber Custom Crimson Carry II. Soon. I forgot what Bryan Hyde’s up to, but you can expect that it has a long barrel and plenty of punch. Captain John Raguso is hitting me up for a Trijicon 3.5 x 35 TA11E ACOG for some wikkid AR thingie he’s built.

Chris Dumm now has the Chiappa Firearms Rhino. He’s got a scheutzenfest planned, with plenty of trad .357s for comparison. With a bit of luck, I’m heading down to Ohio (at my own expense) next Wednesday to test all of Chiappa’s Rhinos (various barrel lengths) and learn how to shoot them properly with Prez Ron Norton.

Don Gammill Jr., paging Don Gammill Jr. Dan Baum (yes, Dan Baum’s) hot to review the new Beretta PX4 Storm. Brett Solomon needs to get his ass in gear. Literally. Speaking of which, I’m just about ready to review the Browning Tactical Safe. And so on. Watch this space.

If you’d like to write gun reviews for TTAG, please email [email protected] All we ask is that you know how to write, follow the existing format (including pics, video and ratings) and do NOT get your dander up when I edit the hell out of your work.

Gun reviews are the heart and soul of this site. We will continue our quest to provide you with the most user-friendly, accurate and honest gun reviews available on the ‘net. Thanks for reading.

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