Texas DPS Orders 2748 TASER X26 ECDs

Shocking I know, but Texas law enforcement officers are big into non-lethal weapons. OK, they’re big into guns as well. Big guns. But fans of the “everything is bigger in Texas” meme should note that this order for 2748 Taser X26 ECDs is only the fourth largest in the U.S. Still, by the end of the year, every cop in the Lone Star State will have the option of Tasing bro’s from 35 feet. Only TASER Founder Tom Smith doesn’t put it quite that way: “This order provides the people of Texas and other law enforcement agencies they assist with enhanced accountability measures, product effectiveness, as well as a return on its investment by reducing injuries to officers and suspects, reducing excessive use of force claims and saving lives.” Which is, I believe, the bottom line. Right?

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