Students for Concealed Carry on Campus Break Cover

“The bustling hive of activity on campus is great, but it’s also scary business,” Students for Concealed Carry on Campus write. “The ‘gun-free zones’ are back in session; an open invitation for a psychotic killer or rapist. Of course, no one thinks your school will be targeted. But then, that’s what they thought about Virginia Tech, NIU or University of Alabama (Huntsville) too. It’s time to take the next first step. It’s time to get people talking, get their attention and remind them that feeling safe is a feeling, not reality.”

To that end, the gun rights group are asking members to confront their classmates.

Get some friends and go into co-op mode, targeting [sic] more buildings for better results! It will get people talking and you don’t even have to argue with them. Let us know how it goes!

CC TTAG SVP. ANd if you guys ever produce a handbook on how to argue with  someone on gun control, let me know. In fact, I’ll help you write it . No charge.

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