SCAR vs. AR. SCAR Wins

If there was a religion based on the AR-15 modern sporting home defense assault rifle—wait. There is. Tens of thousands of black gun devotees congregate regularly on Internet sites to hash out arguments so arcane they make the first Council of Nicaea seem like Beach Blanket Bingo. One of the greatest debated amongst the don’t-call-them-assault-rifles faithful: gas impingement vs. gas piston. If you know what that means, if you have a firmly held opinion on the subject, you need to read the latest epistle by Hootiehoo at And yes, there will be a test afterwards. If not, the SCAR wins. That is all.


  1. avatar LR308 says:

    All my DI AR's are super accurate, reliable and have never failed me at hunting, target shooting or looking bad ass. I have no problem with piston AR's and perhaps someday I'll own one or five. I'm just really sick of the debate, it's a matter of choice, kind of like owning a bolt action, lever, single shot or auto-loader.

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