RSASS (Remington Semi-Auto Sniper System) Revealed. Ish.

It lives! The silencer boyz over at Advanced Armament Corp. have a blog pic of some serious trigger time with the developmental (emphasis on mental) Remington Semi Automatic Sniper System (RSASS). The RSASS is the 7.62-firing ballistic brainchild of Remington Arms and JP Enterprises, who banded together to deliver “sub-moa accuracy out to and beyond 800 meters while providing the tactical advantage of a semi automatic platform.” Apparently, “This weapon system will succeed where others fail meeting any and all mission requirements with ease.” Now that’s what I call trash talk (courtesy! No word from AAC whether or not they verified that claim. [Click here to download the RSASS spec sheet.]


  1. avatar CR124 says:

    Lets hope this doesn`t mean the start of a Remington buyout of JP. Please don`t do it JP.

    1. avatar jamminjimmi says:

      I was thrown for a loop when I saw this! Maybe this means that pre-Remington JP rifles will be worth more some day! I love my LRP07 it is a badass gun!

  2. avatar B4ZZ1NG4 says:

    I has a gold RSASS with a silencer and variable zoom capamabilities. bOOm.

  3. avatar K Moree says:

    How do I get one of these as I would like to compare to springfield (the KING) thus far as for durability, clean up and battle field performance.

    [email protected]

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